Surrender, Wynn


Surrender, Wynn

Is it a pool? Is it a nightclub? Is it indoors? Is it outdoors? Answer: All of the above. We’ll just come out and say it: Surrender is one of Sin City’s most innovative and well-designed nightclubs, and strikes a near-perfect balance between party spot and sophisticated club destination. Whether you’re a bachelorette who just wants to cut loose with her girls or a tough-to-please clubbing connoisseur, Surrender comes pretty close to Eden.

Surrender Features
The whole club encourages dancing anywhere at all, so you can move to the
beat whenever and wherever you choose. Besides the generous main dance floor,
the real draw is the outdoor pool, a beautiful space not just big enough to
breathe, but to actually move — which, trust us, can be a precious rarity in
clubland. Although swimming in the pool itself is usually off-limits during
clubbing hours, the area surrounding it is not, including a number of cabanas
and bungalows featuring bottle service.

Surrender Details
Hours & Days Open: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10:30pm – 4am
Music Style: EDM and Hip-Hop
Clientele: Age 21+
Dress Code: Dress to impress.” No torn or cut-off clothing allowed. Men: No athletic wear and no sports jerseys.
(no athletic wear, tennis shoes, shorts, baseball caps, or flip-flops)

3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Surrender - Wynn

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