Palms Pool, Palms


Palms Pool, Palms

Created as a way to kick of the weekend early, Ditch entices you to skip your day job this Friday and join the party. Locals ditching work get an added thrill as they mingle among the 3,500 bodies, wondering if they’ll spot their boss among the throng; but the hint of danger is part of what makes Ditch so enticing.

Palms Pool Top Features
Fun, rebellious pool party
Glass bar under the pool

Palms Pool Details
Hours & Days Open: Friday-Sunday Noon-6pm
Music Style: Top 40, House and Hip-Hop
Clientele: Age 21+
Dress Code: Poole Attire, No Baggy Clothing, Jeans or Basketball Shorts

4321 W. Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Palms Pool - Palms

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