Intrigue, Wynn


Intrigue, Wynn

Heading down to Intrigue can feel like you’re falling into one of those afterthought clubs that pop up in strange places and never seem to last long. But the truth is far more beautiful. Down the steps that might be marble but are eloquent regardless, you find yourself in a lounge that’s both intimate for being set into the floor and still open for having a significant amount of space visible from above. It’s the ultimate place to scream “look at me” with your body language as you silently judge everyone who descends. But that’s just the outer lounge. You’re there for the club.

Intrigue Features
By club standards, Intrigue is like one of those aging
Gen-Xers that remembers how great things were when EDM
was called Techno and Digweed ruled the scene—even though
it’s still young enough to be a child by the standards
of most other businesses. Having witnessed the rise
and fall of other clubs that maybe tried too hard or
not enough, Intrigue has proved that the key to success
is a strong work ethic and an eye for the alluring—starting
off with your own personal waterfall doesn’t hurt either.
Intrigue Details

Hours & Days Open: Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10-4am
Music Style: Top 40, Hip Hop & EDM
Clientele: Age 21+
Dress Code: Fashionable nightlife, strictly enforced.
Men, wear a collared, button-up shirt and dress shoes
(polos, T-shirts and sneakers strictly prohibited).

3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Intrigue - Wynn

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