Bare, Mirage

Bare @ Mirage
Experience palm tree-enclosed seclusion as you relax and enjoy European-style sunbathing at Bare Pool at The Mirage. Offering an outlet to unwind after a long day, Bare’s comforting atmosphere and tropical ambiance seduces guests as they are pampered by Bare’s sizzling staff.

Bare Top Features
Topless Day Poolside Club
Located through The Mirage’s “Street of
Shops,” a winding path welcomes Vegas’
hot and thirsty to this summertime utopia.
Providing guests an escape from the chaos
and hustle of the Las Vegas strip, Bare’s
intimate 14,000 square foot environment
offers six cabanas, eight daybeds, and two
luxury dipping pools, inviting guests to sit
back and leave their worries behind.

Bare Details
Hours & Days Open: Thursday – Monday 11AM-6PM
Music Style: Top 40
Clientele: Age 21+

Dress Code: Poole Attire, No Baggy Clothing, Jeans or Basketball Shorts